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Vinyl flooring: what is it and what is its structure

Vinyl flooring is a multi-layer material consisting of polyvinyl chloride, quartz sand and plasticizers. The number of layers may vary depending on the type of flooring. With an increase in the number of layers of luxury vinyl flooring in Pittsburgh, PA, not only the price of the material increases, but also its technical characteristics improve.

The topmost layer protects the material from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation and, accordingly, the preservation of color and pattern. It is thanks to this surface vinyl film that the flooring does not fade or fade in the sun.

The transparent eighth layer with a thickness of about 0.5 mm is designed to protect all underlying layers from mechanical influences – abrasion and scratching. The presence and thickness of this layer determines the wear resistance class of the vinyl floor.


The seventh layer is the main volume of the vinyl coating and, in addition, performs protective functions.

The sixth layer is decorative. It is he who determines the design and color of the flooring. It depends on him what surface your vinyl floor will imitate – wood, cork, marble, sand, pebbles or something else. The drawing is applied using heliogravure technology or by screen printing, which allows for high image quality.

Reflective lining.

The fourth layer, reinforcing, endows the vinyl floor with strength and special wear resistance.

The third, quartz-vinyl, layer is made by pressing polyvinyl chloride, quartz sand (80% of the composition) and plasticizers. The mineral additive makes the material strong, rigid and resilient. This layer bears the main mechanical load. Due to the presence of a significant amount of quartz in the coating, it is sometimes also called a quartz-vinyl floor.

The second layer is fiberglass, which acts as reinforcement.

The bottom layer, the PVC backing, is not available on all vinyl flooring. The purpose of the underlay is to dampen vibrations and shock noises: thanks to it, you can walk on a vinyl floor almost silently. In addition, the vinyl backing prevents moisture and dirt from entering the subfloor.

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