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Ayurvedic Massage Oil in Weight Loss – Why it works?

Lots of men and women who visit my small private practice in Rochdale, do this because certain areas of their life are somehow off balance. Many want to shed weight and see this as a significant issue in their own lives. Usually before seeing me, they will have embarked on numerous diet programs, some having lost weight successfully, just to pile it all back again. Founded in India several hundred years back, Ayurveda still remains the most frequent healthcare model with its doctrine that perfect health isn’t only about your body, but also spiritual, psychological and social wellbeing. In Ayurveda the body is seen like a circuit board, when one little circuit breaks, the entire body goes out of sync. Ayurvedic massage loosens Ama or toxic residue that collects in the body because of everyday life, improper diet and unwanted emotions etc. so it can be passed through the body naturally.

Ama or toxic waste, gets trapped in our cells over time, and this is among the primary reasons behind excessive weight gain. It is also one of the important reasons why abhyangam is indeed helpful in weight reduction therapy. Normally your Ayurvedic massage will start with a consultation regarding your health and this will be done to find your body constitution or Dosha, this kind of massage is extremely different from the more traditional Western massage because it is vigorous, hypnotic and exceptionally therapeutic throughout the entire being. Specific essential oils are used to massage, cure and loosen the entire body as well as removing dirt from the skin, cleansing the pores and helping the operation of lungs, large intestine, kidneys and colon. Massage also increases the blood flow which in turn aids the exfoliation of superficial dead skin cells, toning the skin and promoting its rejuvenation procedure.

When Ama is trapped in the body, skin and all facets of the human body becomes affected and it is a little bit like being constipated but not realising it. Waste is collecting but it is coming out in different ways i.e., skin issues, gain weight, poor concentration and also compulsions for meals. Well as I said before, Ayurvedic massage is extremely different than more traditional massages. It is deep tissue, rigorous and hypnotic creating a feeling of total balance throughout the body. Ayurveda views everyone as being unique and so most of us have our own means of doing things and our bodies have their own way of growing, i.e., weight gain, weight loss, height, characteristics etc. It admits that there are 3 Major body influences or Dosha. Vata Responsible for all movement in the body and in life e.g., intestines, kidney blood flow, heart rhythm, pulse, freedom, eye blinking and the signs to and from the mind etc. anything that moves within the body is Vata related.

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